Når skaden er sket - hjælper vi!

Skadesservice og restaurering er ikke noget problem!

MS Malerfirma ved hvad det kræver at arbejde med de nøje krav for forsikringsselskaberne, og samtidigt kunne levere en opgave både kunden og disse er mere end tilfredse med.


MS Malerfirma came to renovate my newly purchased house on the date we had agreed.  The wallpaper was heavily stained with nicotine.  The walls were completely stripped, re-papered and painted a couple of times, while the woodwork and radiators needed re-painting. Mark worked with efficiency and good humour, arranging his working hours to fit in with VVS man, who had to dismantle and re-mount radiators, and the workers laying wooden floors - all within my  three-week deadline.
My expectation was high, but the work certainly lived up to that expectation.  I had used Mark before, so knew that he did not cut corners.  

I heartily recommend his services.

- Margaret Clark